Gyoza Gyoza, Doncaster

Gyoza Gyoza – a Japanese food restaurant with many chain all over Melbourne. They offer an Izakaya style eating with many popular bar dishes from Japan that are all at one set price $6.80!!


Rice balls – OMG these were delicious! Lucky I didn’t go with the steamed rice as these char grilled balls were so tasty – the miso added a very subtle flavour. And it was slightly crunchy on the outside so it added a good texture to the overall dish.


Softshell Crab Sliders – Have had this in the city before but this time round it wasn’t as good. These still looked great however I had more bun then crab which was a shame.


Takoyaki – So this dish is always a must to order for the hubby.. They were okay. Not as fresh like those stalls in Osaka.The octopus was slightly too chewy but still tasty nonetheless.


Oysters with Yuzu sauce – I didn’t eat any of these but hubby did say the Yuzu dressing was very refreshing. He does prefer Tabasco sauce..!


Crab Cream croquette – I do love a good crab croquette but these were just ok. Crispy crumb, but easily broken and the filling itself was too creamy for me, lacking the crabby flavour.


Twice cooked Lamb Ribs with honey sauce – The ribs though was slightly too fatty, was very tender and totally fell of the bone. I though the honey sauce would have made it really sweet but they added very little so it brought out the flavor of the ribs itself .

Yakitori – These chicken skewers was lovely char grilled! The sauce was delicious. Right amount of sweetness also. I did also appreciate the cabbage garnish at the bottom which soaked up all the yakitori sauce Mmm…

Overall a good meal. The service itself was a major shame. They were so under staff! 1 girl serving 5 tables at the front (where we got a table), she had to get people to the table, bring all the foods to the table, cleaned all the table, set the tables, get payments… need I need to go on? well it took forever to get a seat and then forever to order the foods. Lucky the foods didn’t take too long to come out.

“In Japanese, sushi does not mean raw fish. It means seasoned rice” – Guy Fieri

NB: I have to apologise as when I went to write a review for Gyoza Gyoza Doncaster, it seemed like I had written in the wrong location post! my first visit was for the CBD one and it wasn’t until yesterday that I experienced the Doncaster location. Again, same concept $6.80 tapas!

Suey Luey


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Shujinko, Elizabeth St

RAMEN! Who doesn’t love ramen hey? Honestly my first bowl of ramen was when I was in Japan about 4 years ago – so my ramen standards has always been quite high – and Shujinko certainly did not disappoint!!


Located on Elizabeth street between MC and Vic Market, this authentic looking joint although looks small from the outside do have a lot of settings inside however very tight. The collection of anime figurines  and the Sakes bottles on the shelves definitely reminded me of the restaurants we saw in Japan.


Hubby decided to try the Tsukemen after watching an episode of Naruto trying this dish… Ramen but where the broth and noodles are served separately. The noodle was thick and tasty and the broth was good. A bit too much noodles.. but guess I shouldn’t complain haha…


We did a swapsie half through as Hubby realised he prefer the noodle in the broth so he can slurp it whilst it was hot haha.. so he ended up with the Shujinko Ramen. The Tonkotsu soup base was very light however it wasn’t as flavoursome as the Tsekume’s broth. Unfortunately the soup was not piping hot and got a bit cold by the time it got to the table. Something that can be easily fixed. I did enjoy the grilled pork. Slightly different with the bok choy. Perhaps another piece would have been nice but I think I could have ordered it as extra.. i forget.



The menu also offered many small izakaya dishes. We decided to try the Takoyaki which was the best dish of the night! The octopus balls was light and filled with the right amount of filling and had the right amount of sauces and tuna flakes on top – Yup! Very close to those Takoyaki balls we had at a local street stall in Osaka MmmMMMM!


The other side dish we tried was the Ebi Fry. The dish was presented beautifully, the prawn was crumbed and fried really well. Came with a much needed mayo salad and teriyaki sauce that complemented the crumbed prawn really well.


So overall a very lovely dinner. We were both so full by the end of the service. Prices are reasonable. Service was great.. little English but so friendly. Our server always had a big smile. The restaurant started off really quiet but by 7pm, there were constantly people coming through the door…and what i loved and missed most about Japan (beside the awesome foods) – every-time you walk through or exit their hospitality – they would greet you very loudly! such great manners!!!

Sayonara!! XOX

“I love you like a fat kid loves cake!” ― Scott Adams

| Courtesy invite by Shujinko. Opinions are my own. |

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