Out of Sundaland, Thornbury


Out for a little celebration, managed to tomato-ed this great new Pan-Asian kitchen in Thornbury! A local restaurant woohoo! Initially we wanted to do Longrain but Melbourne’s cold weather did not what so ever encouraged me to drive into the city again. Thank god this restaurant’s menu provided all i had asked for with items fuses with influences from all across Asia mixed with Australian ingredients.



The limited menu contains a selection of share plates from a few small ones to large ones. Sometimes it great not too have too many options however i would be slightly happier to have at least another meat option on each menu category.


Duck ribs with a chilli, tamarind and orange sauce – My least fav dish of the night which i could have done without, would have been great unfortunately the duck meat was too tough which then made it really chewy. Had to use my hands which was fine but wasn’t pleasant when it was stuck in my teeth. Flavour wise it was tangy and sweet as suggested but not chilli.


Garlic pepper mussels – hot and sour steamed mussels – what a bargain this was! $9 was perfect to share between two. The broth was delicious, definitely soaked in all the seafood goodness which in turn produced an amazing dish. We were suggested to add fries to soak up the broth, but we chose to soak up the juicy broth instead with some rice. Definitely on the spicier side but too delicious to complain!


Massaman beef curry- slow braised beef cheeks with roti – the dish looked small but it was definitely enough for two. The curry was rich and creamy. Add some of the extra spices for a kick. The beef was soft and tender. Roti went well with the curry to soak up all those goodness but definitely need a bowl of rice to complete the dish.


Crispy pork hock – twice cooked pork hock with soy caramel – mmm can’t go wrong with a pork hock. The pork was so tender and literally ripped apart when you put a fork into it. It had with a side of rice which was perfect with the pickled cucumber salad and sweet soy sauce.


So overall a very satisfied night! 2 small and 2 large dishes was plenty for two. Service was lovely from front to back. Venue was cheerful with a rustic Asian/Australian feel. Not too busy yet but I’m sure they will be when words get out. And please have a dessert menu!!! Can’t finish a meal without some sweets….

“The name “Out of Sundaland” refers to the theory, that the now submerged, area known as Sundaland or the Sundaic region, is the possible cradle from which the world’s Asian population originated from” – OOS Restaurant Website

Till Next Time

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  1. Sophie says:

    I miss food in Melbourne so bad!!! Didn’t know you had a blog, it’s making me hungry now lol


    1. sueyluey says:

      Hahaha come back!


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