LaManna Direct Café/Supermarket

Have to say, one of my favorite places to go on a weekend! I’ve written a positive review prior about my café experience however Ill write a blog this time round.

The café is always busy. Always a line however you can always get a table and always get your meal within 10-15min.

This time round I got the pork belly baguette I’ve been meaning to try for ages now. And boy was it delicious! It was beautiful to look at and it was delicious to eat. Messy though as there were so much fillings for the baguette but who need to be lady like when you’re eating the most crispiest and testiest5 pork belly on a lovely soft baguette with the right amount of sweet and tangy mayo coleslaw.



Partner got the Philli Cheesesteak sandwich which was huge! I had a few bites and the cheese was melting in my mouth. Came with a size of chippies also! All for $15.50? Bargain!


Overall a delicious lunch date. Glad the supermarket is literally 2 meters away so we were able to work off the foods! Haha! – my food adventure didn’t end there though because we came out of the supermarket $200 less with more goodies like the salty pretzel, lychee cordial, wagyu beef mince and some yummy dark chocolates mmmm…. And the flower/plant section! OMG! so pretty!!!!!


Till next time



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  1. yeonandbee says:

    Oh my God that banh mi looks soooo good!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. sueyluey says:

      IT WAS AMAZING!!!! Must try!!!


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