Taste-T on Collins

What a cute little joint in a busy food court location on Collin Street~ Taste-T features traditional Vietnamese street food with a touch of western influence. First impression ~ Very clean with simple fit outs, less is more sometimes I say! Menu was easy to read and understand with popular dishes such as rice paper rolls, banh-mi, pho, noodle salad and Pho.


I was suggested to try the Pho – so that i did and got the mixed meats option (beef and chicken). The broth was crystal clear (like a delicious French consommé) and very flavoursome i.e. the earthiness that the broth produced after been simmered for hours in bones, aromatics etc.  There were heaps of meats! Often I would review that there are too little! Boy of boy. Slightly regret not just getting the beef on its own as the chicken component was a little bit overcooked. And I could have gone with a bit more authenticity – where’s the oxtail and flank and tribes? I would suggest an added option for the side in the future for the pho-lovers? I’m also missing the extra herbs and bean sprout etc. – the garnishes that you associate with a good bowl of pho. However for a hot steamy bowl at that size in a food court of Melbourne CBD for $9 I’m not complaining!



The second item we got was the banh-mi. At $6 I knew that it was definitely an affordable option for busy city workers during lunchtime already. I didn’t even realised you could get a banh-mi in the city for under $7 nowadays. This is definitely more westernised as its missing out on the pate and mayo spread on the baguette, that you would see from a traditional banh-mi food cart on the streets of Vietnam however don’t get me wrong it was certainly still a deliciously tasty looking baguette.  I would prefer the meat to be heated up and bread to be toasted slightly on its own rather than via a flat toaster – however that’s a minor issue!



Then we washed it down with 2 giant cups of Vietnamese ice coffee and home-made peach tea (which was presented rather nicely). YUMMMYYY!!!! Both were a touch too sweet for my liking but definitely reminded me of all my Vietnam trips.


Overall I lovely experience! I like the rows of sriracha sauce bottle on displayed but perhaps a bit more like some Vietnamese non-la , sugarcane or photos of sit-lo etc. CHEESY… but rather effective to attract potential customers (or at least someone like me ha-ha!). Did I also mention the services were top-notched??? Nothing better than seeing happy smiley faces from the start to the end of the meal.  Keep smiling girls!


“To me, life without veal stock, pork fat, sausage, organ meat, demi-glace, or even stinky cheese is a life not worth living.” ~ Anthony Bourdain

Till next time

| Courtesy invite by Taste-T on Collins. Opinions are my own. |

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